Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Welcome to Gourmet Post

Hi everyone :) this is Smita and my friends love to call me by many different names like “Wall-e” (not that I have any robotic instincts) / “Princess” (I really like being called that :)) and “Meetu” a.w.a “Me2” that’s what everyone at home calls me.

After much thinking I decided that I should write a blog allowing me to focus on gourmet thoughts which are all over my head like doodle scribbles. I absolutely love food and am always so happy when I’m in my apron, listening to music and experimenting with recipes that I read from cookbooks or learn from my mom or just trying out something that I ate at a restaurant and fell in love with it. With this blog I hope to become more organized and take my kitchen experiments a step forward as I gain more experience dishing out food for friends and family.

So tie your aprons and come join me in my gourmet pursuits.  :) 


  1. Wow Smita! Glad to see you make your foray into the blogosphere. Look forward to reading your blog. Think it goes without saying that i probably look forward to eating the things that you make even more. :)

    1. Thanks for the message Allen :) and you are always welcome!

  2. Great going ...

    Food Expression is just in our blood ,
    It flows in our veins and always on a flood.

    Sometimes red , sometimes brown , sometimes orange , sometimes more ,
    Like the Strawberry , Chocolate and a Mango slice deep within the core.

    Round , square , rectangle and star in small , medium , large and high ,
    not just big hearts , it requires a big mouth and a stomach without a shy.

    May your food expressions go endless and true to your heart,
    It's the One thing true to you and the one you wanted to start .

    Keep giving us new flavors of food ,
    Me2 , Wall-e , Princess - you are the dude..

    1. Thanks Bhaiya for such a lovely poem. I totally agree with the way you describe food..so colorful, so enriching, so glorious. :)

  3. Good going Smita !!! You Know I always made fun of your recipes since college days. But let me tell u 1 thing , i always loved n enjoyed what you have prepared for us.
    So all the best n keep going with ur wonderful recipes.

  4. Love the Blog Smitha!! We aim to keep it open in the kitchen when we try out some of this stuff :)

  5. Hi smita never knew such a blog existed. ...am loving it ....got to see the blog at the right time I believe after my new found interest in baking ...so looks like I got to get my OTG...!!! Will try out and let u know...keep up ur good work